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Last changes: April 12th, 2022

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own opening books / 666.615 games
feobos-v20.1.zip 56,287Mb  Final: Opening book (*.bin, *.ctg, *.bkt with all files in *.epd & *.pgn)
fcp-live-book-v4.49.zip 6,013Mb  Final: Opening book for Shredder GUI (477.395 moves, 86.978 lines)
fcp-tourney-2022.zip with Excel stats by Klaus Wlotzka 172.631Mb  Final: 26.400 games (three different hardwae systems)
 2.461 replaced games inside
fcp-tourney-2021.zip with Excel stats by Klaus Wlotzka 229.295Mb  Final: 41.000 games (10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9-10900K)
 7.420 replaced games inside (FCP Qualifty Tourney-2021)
fcp-tourney-2020.zip with Excel stats by Klaus Wlotzka 224.804Mb  Final: 41.000 games (10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9-10900K)
wasp-test-games.zip 89,801Mb  Final: 56.384 games (different hardware systems)
fcp-rating-list-v4.49-complete-files.zip 168,207Mb  Final: 312.550 games
 swcr2-27380.zip 13,025Mb  Final: 27.380 games
swcr1-153820.zip 68,409Mb  Final: 153.820 games
my-older-tourneys_30183.zip 13,916Mb  Older swiss tourneys, CCE-Tourney, ATL1-2 and ATL4 games!
older-winboard-tournaments_3041.zip 0,759Mb  Older winboard tourneys, *.cbh format!
older-official-games_8829.zip 2,364Mb  8829 official computer chess games from my older CC-Calendar (1990-2006)
older-official-games_2549.zip 0,795Mb  2549 collected official computer chess games by Franz Huber (2006-2015)
engines / tools
current available version = Wasp v5.50 NN
21,681Mb   Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
wasp_520-nn_second-compiles.zip (fix) 6,265Mb   Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
wasp_500-nn.zip 7,101Mb   Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
wasp_450.zip 4,133Mb   Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
 DGT-pi image by Michael Völschow
schachcomputer.info, message: 96152
wasp_older-versions.zip 15,236Mb  Wasp by John Stanback (USA)
 Versions: 4.00, 3.75, 3.60, 3.50, 3.00, 2.60, 2.01, 2.00, 1.25, 1.02, 1.01
zarkov_older-versions.zip 7,011Mb  Zarkov by John Stanback (USA)
 Collection of DOS, Windows, Winboard, MCS & CA versions
andscacs_older-versions.zip 34,547Mb  Andscacs by Daniel José Queraltó (Andorra)
 Collection of 60 UCI versions (Linux & MAC versions inside)
 Last versions: 0.1nn dev, (last changes, March 10th, 2022)
senpai_20.zip, senpai_10.zip 2,565Mb   Senpai by Fabien LETOUZEY (France), projects (GitHub)
 Versions: 1.0, 2,0
anmon_older-versions.zip 8,919Mb  AnMon by Christian BARRETEAU (France)
 Collection of Winboard / UCI versions
gandalf_older-versions.zip 47,553Mb  Gandalf by Steen Suurballe (Denmark)
 Collection of DOS, Winboard / UCI versions (included version 7 beta)
ruffian_older-versions.zip 2,904Mb  Ruffian by Perola Valfridson (Sweden)
 Support: From an old commercial project (2004), versions 2.02 / 2.10
 Included is Ruffian 2.00 and Ruffian Leiden / opening book
elo+_v1.2.zip 1,533Mb
 Elo calculation program by Marcus Kästner (Germany)
 Note: "windowsdesktop-runtime" required,
Microsoft downloads
utils-by-ferdinand-mosca.zip 42,904Mb  Utility collection by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines), projects (GitHub)
pgn-selection_v1.zip 0,201Mb  Tool by Voker Annuss that created test sets from *.pgn files
elostat_v13.zip 0,075Mb  Elo calculation program by Frank Schubert
4-man-nalimov.zip 30,887Mb  4men Nalimov Tablebases by Eugene V. Nalimov & Andrew Kadatch